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Kokomo Dark Purple Mauve Yellow Opal

Kokomo Dark Purple Mauve Yellow Opal£4.90   £2.90

Basic Lead Fid

Basic Lead Fid£1.20   £0.80

Kokomo Green Yellow Streaky Opal

Kokomo Green Yellow Streaky Opal£6.90   £4.90

Mauve/White Brown Opal

Mauve/White Brown Opal£6.90   £4.90

Don't forget the essentials...
50/50 Solder

50/50 SolderFrom:  £6.95

60/40 Solder

60/40 SolderFrom:  £7.60

Copper Foil Tape

Copper Foil TapeFrom:  £5.60

Lead Came

Lead CameFrom:  £3.20


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