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Lead Came & Metal

Lead, Zinc and Tin can be sent in a lead box for an extra shipping charge of £8.90. Otherwise lead is coiled and the Zinc and Tin must be cut down to 45cm pieces if going in a box with glass.   Put a message in the box when you order and we will contact you for the extra payment.


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Adhesive Lead[1]

Adhesive Lead[1]From:  £19.90

Adhesive Lead

Adhesive LeadFrom:  £19.90

Zinc Came

Zinc CameFrom:  £9.90

Lead Came

Lead CameFrom:  £3.95

Tin U channel 4mm x 4mm x 4mm

Tin U channel 4mm x 4mm x 4mm£4.40   £3.65

Tinned Copper Wire 1.6mm

Tinned Copper Wire 1.6mmFrom:  £1.95

Tinned Copper Wire 1mm

Tinned Copper Wire 1mmFrom:  £0.95


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