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Glass Painting

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Badger Softener Brush

Badger Softener BrushFrom:  £21.90

Thin Flat Badger Brush

Thin Flat Badger BrushFrom:  £9.90

Hake Brush

Hake BrushFrom:  £3.90

Ox Hair Tracing Rigger

Ox Hair Tracing RiggerFrom:  £4.40

Round Badger Hair Brush

Round Badger Hair BrushFrom:  £9.90

Soft Hair Stippler

Soft Hair StipplerFrom:  £6.90

Gum Arabic 25g£2.80

Tracing Black Enamel Paint

Tracing Black Enamel PaintFrom:  £3.60

Shading Black Enamel Paint

Shading Black Enamel PaintFrom:  £3.60

Shading Brown Enamel Paint

Shading Brown Enamel PaintFrom:  £3.60

Shading White Enamel Paint

Shading White Enamel PaintFrom:  £5.10

Tracing Brown Enamel Paint

Tracing Brown Enamel PaintFrom:  £3.60

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Page 1 of 2:    42 Items