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Commercial Glass various sizes

Ordinary 3mm clear window glass and silver (mirror) glass is the easiest and least costly glass to develop your cutting skills. It can additionally be used carefully to bring out shapes and colours.  

Silver or mirror glass is in limited production. We have just increased size  of 4mm silver  mail order to 220 x 320   (formally 205 x 305)

and reduced the unit price.  The 3mm and 2mm silver is out of production and to compensate we have  imported a limited quantity of

3mm which is available now.

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Acid Etched Translucent

Acid Etched Translucent£4.90

4mm Clear. 194 x 306

4mm Clear. 194 x 306£3.45   £2.95

3mm Mirror 305 x214

3mm Mirror 305 x214£5.90


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