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Full Antique - Tatra 31cm X 20.5cm

Beautiful Polish hand blown glass.Usually contains seeds/bubbles within the glass.Completely flat and lovely to cut

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Tatra   Clear Seedy

Tatra Clear SeedyFrom:  £5.95

Tatra   Light Amber

Tatra Light AmberFrom:  £5.90

Tatra   Medium Amber

Tatra Medium AmberFrom:  £5.90

Tatra   Gold Amber

Tatra Gold AmberFrom:  £5.90

Tatra   Dark Amber

Tatra Dark AmberFrom:  £6.90

Tatra   Dark Brown

Tatra Dark BrownFrom:  £6.90

Tatra   Pale Brown

Tatra Pale BrownFrom:  £5.95

Tatra   Tint Green

Tatra Tint GreenFrom:  £5.95

Tatra   Light Green

Tatra Light GreenFrom:  £5.95

Tatra   Medium Green

Tatra Medium GreenFrom:  £6.90

Tatra   Lime Green

Tatra Lime GreenFrom:  £6.95

Tatra   Olive Green

Tatra Olive GreenFrom:  £5.95

Tatra Bright Green

Tatra Bright GreenFrom:  £5.90

Tatra   Dark Green

Tatra Dark GreenFrom:  £6.90

Tatra Forest Green

Tatra Forest GreenFrom:  £5.45

Tatra   Teal Green

Tatra Teal GreenFrom:  £6.90

Tatra   Turquoise

Tatra TurquoiseFrom:  £5.90

Tatra Light Teal

Tatra Light TealFrom:  £5.90

Tatra   Light Blue

Tatra Light BlueFrom:  £5.90

Tatra   Sky Blue

Tatra Sky BlueFrom:  £5.40

Tatra   Medium Blue

Tatra Medium BlueFrom:  £5.90

Tatra   Dark Blue

Tatra Dark BlueFrom:  £6.85

Tatra   Petrol Blue

Tatra Petrol BlueFrom:  £4.95

Tatra   Navy Blue

Tatra Navy BlueFrom:  £5.55

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Page 1 of 2:    43 Items