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Full Antique - Tatra 31cm X 20.5cm

Beautiful Polish hand blown glass .Usually contains seeds/bubbles within the glass. Completely flat and lovely to cut.

The Tatra Glass factory has announced they  have ceased production of the complete range of antique glass. Our stock levels

are good although not infinite and we'll adjust orders to find a near match if code number you request is not available.  

We were their  first customer in the UK and have  used and stocked this glass since the early 90's.  

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Tatra   Clear Seedy

Tatra Clear SeedyFrom:  £7.20

Tatra   Light Amber

Tatra Light AmberFrom:  £7.20

Tatra   Medium Amber

Tatra Medium AmberFrom:  £7.20

Tatra   Gold Amber

Tatra Gold AmberFrom:  £8.90

Tatra   Dark Amber

Tatra Dark AmberFrom:  £7.40

Tatra   Dark Brown

Tatra Dark BrownFrom:  £7.20

Tatra   Pale Brown

Tatra Pale BrownFrom:  £7.20

Tatra   Tint Green

Tatra Tint GreenFrom:  £7.20

Tatra   Light Green

Tatra Light GreenFrom:  £7.20

Tatra   Medium Green

Tatra Medium GreenFrom:  £7.20

Tatra   Lime Green

Tatra Lime GreenFrom:  £7.20

Tatra   Olive Green

Tatra Olive GreenFrom:  £7.20

Tatra Bright Green

Tatra Bright GreenFrom:  £7.20

Tatra   Dark Green

Tatra Dark GreenFrom:  £7.20

Tatra Forest Green

Tatra Forest GreenFrom:  £7.20

Tatra   Teal Green

Tatra Teal GreenFrom:  £7.20

Tatra   Turquoise

Tatra TurquoiseFrom:  £7.20

Tatra Light Teal

Tatra Light TealFrom:  £7.20

Tatra   Light Blue

Tatra Light BlueFrom:  £7.20

Tatra   Sky Blue

Tatra Sky BlueFrom:  £7.20

Tatra   Medium Blue

Tatra Medium BlueFrom:  £7.20

Tatra   Dark Blue

Tatra Dark BlueFrom:  £7.20

Tatra   Petrol Blue

Tatra Petrol BlueFrom:  £7.20

Tatra   Navy Blue

Tatra Navy BlueFrom:  £7.20

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Page 1 of 2:    43 Items