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We are always on the lookout for unusual glass that is out of production. Many of the colours on this page have been out sight for decades. Old glass of this type does not cut as easily as new glass and has more surface variation. Because we generally purchase the entire stock we are able to offer excellent pricing on this glass.

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Clear Embossed

Clear Embossed£3.90   £2.90

Clear Glue Chip

Clear Glue Chip£1.90   £1.40

English Muffle/Wissmach Aqua Mist

English Muffle/Wissmach Aqua Mist£4.80   £3.80

Iridised Opals Black Spectrum

Iridised Opals Black Spectrum£6.90   £5.40

Pink Ripple

Pink Ripple£3.20   £1.40

Quarter Reed Irridised

Quarter Reed Irridised£6.90   £5.20

Sea Glass   Blue Green Opal

Sea Glass Blue Green Opal£3.60   £2.95

Sea Glass   Light green hammered

Sea Glass Light green hammered£3.60   £3.30

Sea Glass Black Grey Opal

Sea Glass Black Grey Opal£3.60   £2.60

Seedy Restoration Clear

Seedy Restoration Clear£4.90   £3.80


Sparkle£3.90   £3.40

Spectrum   Sky Blue

Spectrum Sky Blue£5.20   £3.90

Spectrum Opals   Sky Blue wispy

Spectrum Opals Sky Blue wispy£5.20   £4.30

St. Just   Dark Blue

St. Just Dark Blue£5.90   £5.60

St. Just   Dark Grey

St. Just Dark Grey£5.20

St. Just   Med Amber

St. Just Med Amber£4.90   £4.40

St. Just   Mid Blue

St. Just Mid Blue£4.90   £4.40

St. Just   Pale Green

St. Just Pale Green£4.90   £4.40

St. Just   Ruby Red

St. Just Ruby Red£6.90   £5.60

Tatra   Navy Blue

Tatra Navy BlueFrom:  £5.45

Tatra   Petrol Blue

Tatra Petrol BlueFrom:  £4.95

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Page 1 of 2:    26 Items

Clear Glue Chip is and easy cutting glass that has been discounted from 1.45 to .99 per 305 x 205 sheet. Going fast.