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Clear Embossed

Clear Embossed£3.90   £2.90

Clear Glue Chip

Clear Glue Chip£1.90   £0.99

Dark Amber Ripple

Dark Amber Ripple£3.20   £0.99

English Muffle/Wissmach Aqua Mist

English Muffle/Wissmach Aqua Mist£4.80   £3.60

Iridised Opals Black

Iridised Opals Black£5.90   £5.20

Light Blue Ripple

Light Blue Ripple£3.20   £1.90

Pink Ripple

Pink Ripple£3.20   £1.90

Red Ripple

Red Ripple£3.90   £2.90

Sea Glass   Clear Seedy

Sea Glass Clear Seedy£2.90   £2.70

Sea Glass   Light green hammered

Sea Glass Light green hammered£3.60   £2.90

Sea Glass   Red Green Streaky opal

Sea Glass Red Green Streaky opal£3.90   £2.20


Sparkle£3.90   £2.60

Spectrum   Sky Blue

Spectrum Sky Blue£5.20   £3.90

Spectrum Opals   Black

Spectrum Opals Black£4.90   £4.40

Spectrum Opals   Sky Blue wispy

Spectrum Opals Sky Blue wispy£5.20   £3.90

St. Just   Dark Amber

St. Just Dark Amber£5.90   £4.90

St. Just   Dark Blue

St. Just Dark Blue£5.90   £5.20

St. Just   Dark Grey

St. Just Dark Grey£5.20   £4.60

St. Just   Med Amber

St. Just Med Amber£4.90   £4.20

St. Just   Mid Blue

St. Just Mid Blue£4.90   £4.20

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Page 1 of 2:    26 Items